About Life's Moments

We are a manufacturing company located in Dallas, Texas, which our company specializes in custom etched glass products.

The development of this product came over time and was completely transformed when the more advanced digital monitors and photo displays hit the market.  Our goal was to provide the customer with a high quality glass photo display, combined with a high tech digital monitor that could be used for multiple purposes and work seamlessly with todays smart phone and wifi technology.

The etched glass panels are custom designed and etched according to the type of display and your desired wants.  Our graphics department is able to create beautiful artwork that accents your frame style.  

The high quality WRGB LED's travel through the panel of glass and illuminate the areas that have been etched into the back surface of the glass.  These led lights last up to 7+ years and can withstand being powered on 24 hours a day.

Life's Moments is a division of GCU, Inc.  You can see some of the other types of product we manufacturer at www.gcutexas.com.


Take a look at some of the artwork examples below.



Below are some examples of edgelit glass.